If you’d like to try a long-shot, you can email these people: Host or Guest Concerns: Aisling Hassell, Global Head of CX  aisling.hassell@airbnb.com Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb can be reached at either brian@airbnb.com or brian.chesky@airbnb.com. Maybe they should have better customer service or not such shitty security. I haven`t receivet a refund for the booking that was cancelled on april 2020! I knew they couldn’t give me info, but perhaps they encountered her and could help her. I am a host in the US and we cannot do that w any reviews over there. I just woke up to almost $400 worth of charges for an Air BnB that I did not order and have absolutely no knowledge of whatsoever ever. There was a suggestion to download it on the phone. I have submitted multiple BBB complaints for AirBNB and Sextant Stays and let me entire social media network know not to use AirBNB or Sextant Stays. They will do their best to avoid letting you speak to a supervisor. – I had to share my bedroom with two large piles of the owner’s laundry…. Votre vie privée. They closed my account on the basis that they were basically discriminating against me so I decided to take legal action and am not going to let them get away with this. Sincerely an angered customer. I can’t checked in and I need to book another hotel!!! My account got hacked two days ago, they made 3 reservations and checked in all at the same time and paid everything. dont make fraud people, What if someone put a scam ad with wrong information? Let’s just say the house was awful. I go into the Availability section to check their calendar… LO AND BEHOLD, there are my dates that I booked two months ago. Cropped shot of an attractive young woman working in a call center. I reserved a house in Airbnb housted by Sextant Stays for 3 days on July 22nd, 2020, The confirmation code is HMYARJ4DAX. Air BNB has been no help whatsever, well actually I tell a lie. Also I would never put my guests through the unacceptable conditions Abie did. I understand the rationale behind this step. Airbnb customer service is a joke! However, the Airbnb phone line is one of the best ways to get immediate attention. Twice now, Honolulu and Aruba, the hosts locator address shows their location in a prime spot but their actual address which you get after you pay is at least a kilometer or several away. The trip was removed from my “Trips” section completely, of course. Not sure why people rave about AIRBNB. This just happened to me. No response. The difference between entering my credit card info and my passport data online is that my credit card has some pretty serious guarantees and fraud detection in place, instead, if someone gets a hold of my passport information and my identity is stolen, this can take years to fix. 2 bedrooms, Click the envelope icon in the top-right corner of your account, Once in the inbox, click a message thread to view old messages or send a new one, Each inquiry or reservation has it's on communication thread, which can be found in the inbox. I have called them every day and asked for a refund but it has been such a hassle.They said they have had an escalated amount of requests coming in and I told them I don’t want excuses. Chuckles and tries to explain that Airbnb is a work in progress and that he wasn’t worried about me climbing the chain of command to get some results. It took a week or so but we were contacted right away and they did refund our money. I sent a message to the Resolution Center to which they replied and stated that the damage was not covered and I wouldn’t get any reimbursement. Loved them in the past. SAN FRANCISCO: Airbnb and DoorDash make their stock market debut this week as part of a “unicorn parade” capping a busy year for hot startups going public. For some reason it did not register and the booking did not get canceled. Thats why i called my cc bank and advised to file a dispute. It’s been a month and half and every time I call they tell me it’s under investigation, We had a similar experience jus 2 days ago i.e. The best toll-free phone number for calling Airbnb Customer Service is 1-855-424-7262  (Even with this number, the average wait time is between 7 and 12 minutes). its really very worst . Faruk Sari, 29. He as done so without regard for the community by-laws, or the impact to other homeowners. I call the service to see what is the problem. With that said, more users demand Airbnb customer service such as Airbnb email support. 2020, 16:47 Uhr 2 min Lesezeit. Something didn’t sit right with me about that. She was clearly annoyed that she did not get a refund and thought it was OK to take it out on me. I think they are using such a cheap spider-bot to ban the users on the web-browser! Here are some examples: Airbnb hosts in an area that has experienced disaster can offer their spaces for free, making it easy for those in need to find accommodation. My niece is 21 years old and at the moment she is alone in London, no place to go and nobody to help, with luggage for 2 months staying and i am in the West Midlands. I have emailed the heads of Customer Service, Operations, “Experiences” and have yet to get any type of response from the. DON~`T BOOK WITH THEM! But, it appears that being an established customer means nothing to Airbnb. Joining AirBnB was one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in a long long time. I’m going through the same, 2 stays with Airbnb and 2 scams. Jessicas b&b. or provide me with a towel? Required fields are marked *. Invariably, these hosts have a no refund ever policy. superhost Andrea acts like its no big deal….. and when I tell her this is not what I signed up for, she says, just leave the door unlocked when you go out…. If you care to look at the communication between us you will see that I was in fact helpful. But now I am disappointed and angry at how Airbnb been treating me. – barely functioning AC – a perpetual wet spot on the floor (seepage from underneath), that I almost slipped and broke my neck on the first night when I didn’t see it. This should be a no-brainer being that the host agreed to approve a full refund. no any answer or reply from their email or phone call. Thank you! At this point, I am still getting unnecessary texts once, or sometimes multiple times, a day with verification codes for an account I cannot get into. We started planning our trip to Croatia and Slovenia fall of 2019 to travel on May 31 through June 26th 2020. Mind you is Covid19 and housekeeping should have cleaned before I got there. You guys had my money for my original Airbnb that cancelled so it’s beyond me that you guys expected me to pay more money on a trip I already paid for. Had we been raped, kidnapped or anything else, it is extremely disappointing that I cannot get ahold of anyone within this company. Scam!!! Wie kann ich eine Zahlungsart bearbeiten, entfernen oder hinzufügen? Also, for more urgent matters, Airbnb provides a phone number. F*** you, Mark. They just sent me Email that I violated the regulation and didn’t try to communicate with them! After spending ample time reading reviews and blog on Airbnb, it appears to me that Airbnb should sticking to established customer and use common sense in business practice. My guest did not yet somehow it is ok with you that she has given me an inaccurate review, the first and only bad review I have had since starting with Airbnb, when she did not even stay here. The girl confirmed, that it was ok for me to come. AirBNB did not honor the host or the guest request?Health department advised us to contact and also report to the local news media. Better class of clients too as they are properly vetted. I own a propery and the tenant has installed internal doors with locks and split the 2 bed apartment into 3 seperate rooms all sharing one small toilet. Contacting superhost Andrea, she tells me the “key is on the way, with UPS, and should arrive tomorrow”. We had to find another place to stay with no assistance from them. ??? The rooms looked fantastic, clean and the pool etc looked neat. I went into the bathroom to try and help her. Booked an airbnb in Fort Langley in April, 2020. Bleeding and vomiting. I think you’re a scummy business person who is complicit in Airbnb’s well-documented price gouging of honest customers. Best, D, Many in the airbnb host community state tweets get results: You can find them all here, with the sidekicks off to the side: https://twitter.com/bchesky?lang=en. They tell liars and are very good at taking money on your credit card. Austria +43 72 08 83 800. I checked AirBNB policy and it states that the host must cancellation the reservation since it was the cancellation was due to the host and not the guest. It’s kind of scary. Here, you can use a drop-down menu to select your problem and directly message Airbnb's customer service. I can’t log in because I’ve but been locked out. We have a large group of people (25) coming on this trip and could not an Airbnb that would accommodate us. How do we get a class-action lawsuit against Air BnB started? I wanted to let them know fraud is being committed and to maybe get someone looking into the booking to stop it- but, alas there is no way to get in touch with this organization. Yesterday I received all the amount of money and minutes after they draw back all the amount from my account that they just send me back. After one day I informed Air BnB they were not willing to cancel my reservation until I submitted photos and they saw.After they saw the photos they stated that they would cancel the remainder of my month long reservation. 2 bedrooms, House Airbnb keeps sending my phone verification codes for the last week even though I am not trying to log in. Tweets sometimes work. ∙ I really wonder why AIRBNB has partnered with this host. I had to be sure, so I went to my receipt, found that the refunded price was 114 and some change. All this time I’m pregnant stressed and this stupid Air BnB host dog hopped on my stomach during my first day at that Air BnB. Vacation-rental company Airbnb announced it has removed or suspended more than 65 listings on its site in the Bay Area in its latest move to stamp out … Did receive a partial refund from host but she kept 152.00 for one nights rental plus 1/2 of cleaning for one day. Do I have those same fictional rights in mexico? They took the booking, took the money, we were refused a stay, and now they refuse to refund. No! You may want to address this asap. I told her to call and cancel my reservation so they wouldn’t charge me. Good luck. Unsatisfied with this lack of communication, I sent a very heartfelt and passive aggressive email “thanking” Mark for being such a gracious host during the holiday season. 3. absolutely disgusting – no TV – no radio – filthy balcony doors that could not be opened. Un-*******-believable, Mark. I don’t think I’ll EVER use Airbnb again. Do we OR don’t we have places to stay …. In addition, we had 2 separate sets of flights cancelled. 3 bedrooms, House Airbnb is really frustrating me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we communicated to Abie that this guest had already complained about the flooding problems a month earlier, he found a way to remove the review. 1 bedroom, Condo I have explained my story over 10times on the phone – I have been referred to 4 different agents in the Trust and safety dept who repeatedly ignore my issue and close the case when it is not resolved.I have sent Over 30 emails and they will not call me back.I have had the phone hung up on me on more than one occasion. I have raised this with Airbnb and they are saying its between me and the tenant… however I have alerted them to the illegality of the situaton so the onus must rest them to not allow illegal operations to run through their business platform.