From what I understood, cities that are within the fare zones can be reached with the weekly ticket and with the HVV network. Or why not get a mobilTicket sent directly to your smartphone? How helpful has been this answer? PURCHASE A MOBILE TICKET ️ These tickets you can purchase conveniently in the HVV app and load those directly onto your mobile phone. KiK; METRO Cash & Carry; Karstadt New HVV machines; Deutsche Bahn AG; Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall; SWU Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm; Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG; Midttrafik; Durban Transport; Retail & Logistics. If you prefer PayPal, try our hvv switch App for HVV … But you still have time and can try Your public transportation ticket will be placed on your conference badge. Davon berichtet ein ehemaliger HVV-Abonnent gegenüber … Wenn man noch den HVV-Online-Ticket-Rabatt und die SL-4er-Karte berücksichtigt sind es … I am not purchasing tickets, but would like to register to support The NRA Foundation, Inc.! Students who purchase a personalized online ticket in accordance with the above criteria should contact the Hochbahn online shop directly for reimbursement at: onlineshop "AT" Once you have shown your semester tickets, you can simply scan your official semester public transport pass … Gute Nachrichten gibt es allerdings für alle, die ihre HVV-Tickets online, beispielsweise per App auf dem Smartphone, kaufen. In HVV's website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones. With the timetable change for the winter of 2019/2020, the HVV tariff zone will be extended. A HVV ticket is not included, however holders of the card may use HADAG ferries to cross the Elbe river as well as the 36 bus to Blankenese. Single tickets, day tickets, upgrades and supplements are 7 % cheaper in the HVV app! Before and after your visit to the trade fair, you can continue on your journey of discovery with a day or week ticket from the HVV. In HVV’s website, they have these weekly tickets with different fare zones If we buy the weekly ticket for the Greater Hamburg Area (Ringe AB. I would like to purchase a ticket and automatically be registered to support The NRA Foundation, Inc.! EUR 3. Individual, day and group tickets are available at the bus or vending machine. Somit fährt man dann statt für 18,50 Euro für nur 11,90 Euro. the HVV Online Shop at, buy the ticket and print it out. If you prefer PayPal, try our hvv switch App for HVV … HVV tickets in the Hamburg City Pass do not have to be validated but are valid for the date you have chosen. But only valid in combination with an official photo ID. https:/…0. Hamburg Greater Area: One-way ticket or day-ticket? I want to know how much a public transportation ticket valid one year costs for Hamburg (Germany) and surrounding towns. When you buy an online or a mobile ticket, you save 3 %. Weiterer Vorteil: die Region Lübeck ist auf Preisstufe 3 gekappt, d.h. das Ticket für 3,20 Euro reicht für eine Fahrt von der HVV-Grenze bis nach Travemünde an den Strand. Otherwise you need indeed a photo to get a customer card you need for the "normal" weekly ticket. The ProfiTicket is the so-called “job pass” offered by Hamburg’s public transport system, the HVV. You can purchase tickets for journeys which do not solely take place within the transport associations GVH, HVV, VRB and VBN at You can purchase tickets for connections within transport associations (GVH, HVV, VRB, VBN) online or via app at the respective transportation association.In exceptional cases, for instance if a ticket … Organisers can call up HVV tickets to the TICKeos system of S-Bahn Hamburg via an online interface and integrate these into their own tickets. Single tickets, day tickets, upgrades and supplements are 7 % cheaper in the HVV app! The HVV ticket shop is however only in German. Und für genau diese Menschen, die nur noch an wenigen Tagen pro Woche oder Monat ins Büro fahren, rentieren sich Vollzeit-Abos oder Jobtickets nicht mehr. Next. Category: Ticket purchases. During the introduction of the HVV print ticket, the TICKeos Combo Ticket solution was implemented for S-Bahn Hamburg - the issuing transport company for combined HVV tickets. Get up to 50% discount on more than 150 touristic offers. With the Hamburg City Pass with public transport you already have your ticket included, including express buses. Is your hvv ticket still available even if you’re not online? If you need any assistance concerning your ticket for public transportation please go to the Hamburg Welcome Center (Airport Plaza ground floor across the entrance of the “S-Bahn” (rapid transit train … Buy your ticket before you travel Select a ticket Payment The easy way to buy your ticket Day and Group Tickets Additional … The Travelcard also includes travel to and from Hamburg Airport, making your trip even easier! How helpful has been this answer? I can't agree with you. See more details at Supplementary tickets Do you want to use your 3-ring ProfiCard to travel on the The Hamburg CARD Local ticket is valid for one person and up to three children below the age of 14 years. hassle with our free-of-charge HVV-App for iOS and Android or at Once you have decided on a destination – for example, using the HVV timetable info or app – you can board any of the public transport services listed above and set off. Hosted By: The NRA Foundation, Inc. Powered By: GiveSmart, the premier mobile bidding and fundraising platform. To buy the right ticket, you need to know where you would like to go to and from where. Also, how often is it that it makes it to a criminal record status, because I hadn't heard of this before. A day ticket (one adult plus up to three children age 6-14) costs €10.50, and is valid on the day indicated and from 18.00 of the previous day (with the exception of tickets purchased at HVV tickets machines and on buses). This can be accessed at the HVV website ( The HVV KombiTicket for meetings, conventions and seminars allows participants to comfortably commute between their event location and their hotel at reasonable rates – and to include a short boat trip with one of the HADAG port ferries. Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their … Further railway lines in Lower Saxony can be used with HVV tickets from December 15, 2019. Yes. Bicycle Ticket Supplementary Ticket Hamburg CARD 7 % DISCOUNT ON MOBILE TICKETS Online payment is not only quick and easy but also cheaper than via the ticket machine. Single Ticket Day Ticket Weekly 24/7 Season Ticket Monthly 24/7 Season Ticket 9 am Group Ticket Bicycle Ticket Supplementary Ticket Hamburg CARD 7 % DISCOUNT ON MOBILE TICKETS Online … No customer card necessary. • Supplementary Ticket • Hamburg CARD Online payment is not only quick and easy with SEPA direct debit, Mastercard, Visa and American Express but also cheaper than via the ticket machine. HVV: Abotickets lohnen sich vor Coronavirus-Pendler nicht mehr – Spezialticket wäre die Lösung . Therefore, please visit www.hvv… Day ticket for Germany Regional day ticket; Original name of the offer: Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket: Länder-Ticket: The ticket costs: from EUR 42: from EUR 22: You can travel on these days: any day: any day: You can use your ticket here: in the whole of Germany: in the federal state selected and in some neighbouring regions: … Single tickets, day tickets, upgrades and supplements are 7 % cheaper in the HVV app! EUR 6 (9 am day ticket) / EUR 7.50 (All-day ticket) per person. Simply present your semester ticket … A range of single, daily and weekly tickets that are valid for all buses, trains and ferries are available at HVV ticket … No. The UMCH Semester Ticket is given to you at the beginning of your studies and at the end of each semester for the following semester. If you prefer PayPal, try our hvv switch App for HVV … And that in a comfortable, sustainable and inexpensive way. You would like to purchase your ticket online? Weitere Infos auf All TUHH students receive a semester ticket. Another option is the Hamburg CARD, which not only provides free travel by bus, S-Bahn … Or you can download the HVV app and buy electronic tickets (if app is available in your app store). Your transport ticket can be used on: U-bahn, S-Bahn, Trams, Buses, Boats. Ein Kurzstreckenticket wird dann zum Beispiel 1,67 Euro kosten, ein Ticket für den Nahbereich 2,23 Euro. Die Startkarte (ist nicht das Abo) wird Ihnen binnen drei Tagen kostenlos nach Hause geliefert. Category: Ticket purchases. You get 3 % off every time you buy a single, day, group or supplementary ticket at the HVV online shop or with your smartphone. However if I remember correctly you have to register with HVV homepage beforehand. With the ProfiTicket, you can use the HVV … (2) The Online Shop for Companies is a service offered via the HVV Online Shop for Tickets. The city boasts an extensive public transport network of rapid transit and regional trains, buses and harbour ferries, operated by Hamburg's public transport organisation HVV.. Tickets. Cities outside these zones can only be reached with trains like ICE or buses. Benötigen Sie Hilfe bei der Registrierung in der HVV-App? My questions are: HVV tariffs are not bound to a number of stops but on the availability of locations. When you are looking for a place to live, trying to finance your studies, trying … Tickets HVV Hamburg. Public transport in Hamburg is provided by the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV). To buy an hvv ticket in the hvv switch app you have to be online. Whether you prefer walking, driving or biking ─ getting around in Hamburg is easy. As soon as the hvv ticket has been loaded to the hvv switch app, it can be displayed at any time, regardless of whether you’re online or offline. You can retrieve information about the different areas of validity of the HVV Ticket and the range of the included HVV metro ticket online. (3) The service allowing tickets to be printed out by the buyer is subject to alteration at any time without prior notice being given. Hier erhalten Sie ein Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung. The new hvv SummerTicket Use our summer special: With the hvv SummerTicket you can travel through Hamburg with the hvv … Yes, all hvv tickets purchased using via the hvv switch app include a 3 percent online discount. Does the hvv switch app also offer the 3 percent discount on hvv tickets? The HVV route planner provides you with the fastest route to any destination in Hamburg and the surrounding area - including the right ticket. A day ticket costs approx. Experience Hamburg by bus, train or harbour ferry. Direct purchase of smartphone tickets In the hvv switch app, you can easily buy public transportation tickets right on your smartphone. This can be done at a HVV … Advance sale of such tickets may be restricted. Got a HVV ticket 3 days after my seasonal (1 year) pass expired I didn't realise it was expired, does anybody know or have any experience with possibly reducing the €60 fine? Offerings include day tickets, short-haul tickets and the new SummerTicket. The HVV website is available in English, too. A single ticket costs approx. edited 4 years ago. Bicycle Ticket Supplementary Ticket Hamburg CARD 7 % DISCOUNT ON MOBILE TICKETS Online payment is not only quick and easy but also cheaper than via the ticket machine. Hier gehts zum HVV-Onlineshop; Ihre gewünschte Einzel-, Tages- und Wochenkarte gleich bequem ausdrucken; Oder Ihre Monatskarte oder das Abo einfach bestellen: digitales Foto hochladen, alles ausfüllen und online bestellen. The "zones" you need to pass will determine how much you have to pay for a ticket. You can buy a weekly ticket also online as self-print ticket. Die Online-Preise sollen im kommenden Jahr um sieben Prozent sinken.